Community Helpers Sight Word Puzzles
This product features 42 community helpers-themed puzzles. 40 puzzles cover the 40 pre-primer sight words while you can use the two blank puzzles for other learning objectives or particularly tricky words.
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Solar System Sight Word Puzzles (Updated 2021)
Are you looking for another interesting theme for practicing sight words? I've already posted about my Superhero Sight Word Puzzles and Community Helpers Sight Word Puzzles, but today, I have an outer space theme for you: Solar System Sight Word Puzzles! I've included all of the planets, the moon, the space shuttle, an astronaut, even an alien, and more to make learning and reviewing pre-primer sight words more fun! The printable includes 15 pages with 42 puzzles total: 40 pre-primer sight words and 2 blank puzzles for other words you're working on. To match the letter counts in the list of pre-primer sight words, there are (2) 6-piece puzzles, (3) 5-piece puzzles, (12) 4-piece puzzles, (12) 3-piece puzzles, and (11) 2-piece puzzles. (Note that the one-letter sight words ("I" and "a") are on 2-piece puzzles.) One of the blank puzzles has 5 pieces, the other has 2 pieces. Each puzzle shows a different image or combination of images. [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]  
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Once your kids have counting down pat, it’s time to delve into addition. This Ocean Creatures Addition Printable Ebook includes ten different addition activities perfect for math centers for kindergarten or to play with at home.
Ocean Creatures Addition Printable Ebook
10 different printable addition activities up to 5 with many variations: - (5) Addition Play Dough Mats - (12) Addition Clip Cards - (1) Addition I Spy Game - (36) 3-Piece Addition Puzzles - (6) 5-Piece Addition Line-Up Puzzles - (12) Cut and Paste Addition Problems - (1) Addition Memory Game - (1) Addition I Spy Game - (3) Color by Sum Coloring Pages - (5) Addition Roll and Cover Games Includes no prep activities and answer keys when appropriate.
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Have fun learning sight words with this hands-on printable: Ocean Creatures Sight Word Puzzles are perfect for kindergarteners learning their pre-primer sight words!
Ocean Creatures Sight Word Puzzles
42 puzzles featuring cute happy ocean creatures and covering 40 pre-primer sight words plus two blank puzzles for use with any learning objective you choose.
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Counting Roses Clip Cards Printable – VIP Version
Includes 11 cute clip cards covering numbers 0 through 10. Three different fonts and colored and black and white versions available. Total of 18 activity pages plus a title page, instructions, terms of use, and related printables.
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Feed the Bunny Sight Word Game
This is a fun "feed the animal" type game that includes all Dolch sight words and is editable, so you can use it for any learning objective you're working on.
  • 40 pre-primer sight words,
  • 52 primer sight words,
  • 41 first grade sight words,
  • 46 second grade sight words,
  • 41 third grade sight words,
  • and 95 Dolch nouns.
Use the pre-made sight word cards, pre-made labels for each category of sight word, and pre-made recording sheets or edit your own cards, labels, and recording sheets to customize them to your needs.
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Build an Addition Snowman 1-20
Practice addition and number bonds with kindergarteners and first graders and this cute printable Build an Addition Snowman 1-20 activity! Perfect for homeschool, afterschooling, and math centers.     [video width="832" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]  
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Winter Clothes Pre-Primer Sight Word Match
Have fun dressing up paper dolls while reviewing sight words with this cute printable Winter Clothes Pre-Primer Sight Word Match! Perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners who are learning to read! Also works great in a busy bag you can take along for situations where you need a boredom buster. The pdf file contains eight different paper dolls and eight sets of matching winter clothes. Each item of clothing has a pre-primer sight word on it that matches sight words on body parts of the paper dolls. There’s one sight word on each head, throat, belly, legs, and feet to be matched with hats, scarves, sweaters/jackets, pants, and boots. All 40 pre-primer sight words are included.
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