Easter Egg Hunt Roll and Cover Game – VIP Version
VIP version of Easter Egg Hunt Roll and Cover Game. This version includes a choice of 3 different fonts and has black-and-white versions for each of them.
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Valentine’s Cuties Counting Cards 1-12 – VIP Version
Includes counting cards for numbers 1-12 in three different font choices, all in color and b&w.  
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Valentine’s Day Counting Games Pack
This fun, adorable Valentine's Day Counting Games Pack includes five types of fun and simple games for preschoolers and kindergarteners: - Dominoes. - I Spy Games. - Grid Games (two ways to play). - Line-Up Puzzles. - 2-Piece Puzzles. Each type of game comes in several different variations, all in color and black & white and with two different versions for number 1. There's also a convenient clickable table of contents, links back from each activity, material lists, instructions for each activity, and answer keys for the I Spy games to make your life as easy as possible. See all of the pages here:
[video width="400" height="308" mp4="https://shop.simplefunforkids.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/valentines-day-counting-games-pack-printable-preview.mp4"][/video]
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New Year’s Plans Writing Prompts – VIP Version
Includes different versions in addition to the one page of writing prompts available in the free file: one page with three numbered questions (New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, New Year), one page with three questions but no numbers, and three pages with one writing prompt question each. Everything comes both in color and in b&w.  
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Football Printable Pack
This printable pack has 32 pages of printable football-related activities:
  • (4) 3 Piece Puzzles,
  • (4) 6 Piece Puzzles,
  • (1) Maze,
  • (1) I Spy game,
  • (4) Beginning Sound Cards,
  • (1) Size Sort,
  • (1) Matching Game with 15 pairs,
  • (5) prewriting tracing pages,
  • (4) Dot Marker Letters,
  • and (12) Coloring Pages.
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Counting Roses Clip Cards Printable – VIP Version
Includes 11 cute clip cards covering numbers 0 through 10. Three different fonts and colored and black and white versions available. Total of 18 activity pages plus a title page, instructions, terms of use, and related printables.
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Feed the Bunny Sight Word Game
This is a fun "feed the animal" type game that includes all Dolch sight words and is editable, so you can use it for any learning objective you're working on.
  • 40 pre-primer sight words,
  • 52 primer sight words,
  • 41 first grade sight words,
  • 46 second grade sight words,
  • 41 third grade sight words,
  • and 95 Dolch nouns.
Use the pre-made sight word cards, pre-made labels for each category of sight word, and pre-made recording sheets or edit your own cards, labels, and recording sheets to customize them to your needs.
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