Digital Multiplication Easter Egg Hunt
Super-engaging digital activity perfect for reviewing multiplication tables 2-12 with third- and fourth-grade math students. No prep and ready to go right out of the box and also editable for differentiation or individual learning objectives. For use during distance learning or technology center time with Google Slides and Google Classroom. Features:
  • All (132) multiplication problems from multiplication tables 2-12 ready to use.
  • (44) slides with six bunnies and three editable multiplication problems from the same multiplication table each.
  • Students "open" (drag & drop) the Easter eggs to find three bunnies with multiplication problems on each slide.
  • Once they find a multiplication problem, students type the problem including the solution in a text box.
Easy to use:
  • Make as many copies for your students as you need and choose how many and which problems to assign.
  • Edit all of the text, the text boxes, and numbers (including the fonts), move, add, or remove the bunnies, and change the multiplication problems while keeping students from interacting with everything except the Easter eggs and text boxes. (Instructions in the file.) Please note that the background image can't be extracted or edited (but you can switch it out for a different background if you want).
  • Includes consistent visual instructions for required mode and digital skills (edit mode, drag & drop, click & type).
  • This resource is very well suited for converting to different languages!
View the preview video for an explanation of all features and a look at how the activity works. After purchase, you will receive a PDF file with instructions and a link to click to make a copy of the activity directly in your Google Drive.   [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]  
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Feed the Bunny Sight Word Game
This is a fun "feed the animal" type game that includes all Dolch sight words and is editable, so you can use it for any learning objective you're working on.
  • 40 pre-primer sight words,
  • 52 primer sight words,
  • 41 first grade sight words,
  • 46 second grade sight words,
  • 41 third grade sight words,
  • and 95 Dolch nouns.
Use the pre-made sight word cards, pre-made labels for each category of sight word, and pre-made recording sheets or edit your own cards, labels, and recording sheets to customize them to your needs.
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