Digital Building Bricks Animals Build and Count Challenge
Looking for a creative and engaging way for your students to practice basic fine motor skills in Google Slides? Look no further than these digital building brick challenges! Ten fun animal-themed slides will have students copying & pasting, dragging & dropping, typing in text boxes, and counting. Plus, all of the text and colored rectangles are editable so you can add your own learning content. Easy to use:
  • Make copies for yourself to easily choose which images to assign and which ones to omit.
  • Edit all of the text and the colored rectangles but keep students from interacting with everything except the text boxes and colored building bricks. (Instructions in the file.) Please note that the building bricks templates are flattened with the background and can't be edited or extracted.
  • Includes consistent visual instructions for required digital skills (copy & paste, drag & drop, click & type).
  View the preview video for an explanation of all features and a look at all of the images included. - Fox. - Groundhog. - Bunny. - Squirrel. - Turtle. - Deer. - Raccoon. - Owl. - Mouse. - Lion. (You can edit the titles to your liking. This resource is also very well suited for converting to different languages or different spellings! Need it to say "grey" instead of "gray"? No problem, just edit it!) After purchase, you will receive a PDF file with instructions and a link to click to make a copy of the activity directly in your Google Drive.
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